Krampus: the half-goat, half-devil of Austro-Bavarian Alpine folklore who punishes ill-behaving children during the Christmas season.

At least, those were the glory days.

But with the declined appreciation of St. Nicholas and the Christian faith at large, I’ve been forced to seek other employment.  Inclined towards aesthetics, I sought an education in literature, but was soon drawn to the beauty of the mind, and pursued a philosophical pedigree–all the way through a PhD–only to find that there are ill-behaving children still.

And they are far worse than the entitled brats who want presents.  This is the Entitlement Generation: a mentality of the so-called Millennials which has reverberated through the demographics, infecting both the adjacent generations.

Used to be, I could drag off whiny children to a lair and beat some decency into them.  Nowadays, I have to beat them metaphorically, with words; with shaming of their ignorance; with ripping off the imbecilic veils they use to hide their undeveloped moral and mental fortitude.

It isn’t easy and it pays for shit.  But someone has to do it.